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Post Wildfire Flooding Risks Resource


With the rainy weather on the way, and the devastating wildfire season behind us, the Emergency Preparedness Committee would like to remind local committees some of the ongoing complications post wildfires. Wildfires can drastically change the terrain and make the ground less able to absorb water. Even areas that don’t usually flood are now at risk for flash flooding and mudflows for several years after a wildfire. 

If you live in and around areas that were impacted by wildfires, please use the link found below to raise awareness about the risk of flooding after wildfires. 

Post Wildfire Flooding Risk Resource
Tips to Prepare for a Flood

The Emergency Preparedness Committee would also like to thank FEMA for posting and bringing awareness to post-wildfire flooding risk. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided above, please contact an Emergency Preparedness Committee member or the CALBO Office