New Chapter 7A Building Code Changes – Effective 7/1/21


Old WUI Code: Allowed non-combustible 1/8” mesh in the Gables, Foundation, Through Roof Vents.

NEW WUI CODE CHANGE:  Must use ASTM E2886 Tested and Listed Vents for attic/roof ventilation, including Soffits, Eave, Gable, Foundation, and Through Roof Vents.

ASTM Tested vents resist 3 Elements:  1) Embers 2) Flames and 3) Radiant Heat. All three are critical during a wildfire.   Traditional 1/8” mesh/louvered vents cannot pass the ASTM E2886 three-part test.

CAL FIRE/BML Vent Approved Listings can be found here:

Welcome to BML Search Building Materials Listing ( 


  1. Make sure that the vents are actually listed on CAL Fire website
  2. Make sure the listing states “Rated to ASTM E2886”
  3. Make sure the vent is approved in all positions (Horizontal and Vertical)
  4. Make sure the vents are installed by qualified contractors

Brandguard Vents (patented design) offers 26 CAL Fire listed skus, that have been fully tested to all 3 parts of ASTM E2886 in both horizontal AND vertical positions. You can check them out at