2022-23 CALBO Partner Program


Dear Partner, 

We can’t say this enough but thank you for your continued support of CALBO. With your support, we continue to promote a stronger California for all of the build-safe community. CALBO continuously strives to provide the best quality for our sponsors and exhibitors, but most importantly, our Partners.

When the membership year comes to an end on March 31st, we will have come together a total of five times for exhibiting opportunities, visited with close to two thousand building-industry staff from across the state, along with consuming countless banquet meals. This year, we are encouraging all Partners to take some time and review the past membership year. The highs and lows, suggestions for the future, and opportunities you wish we discontinued. This feedback will be used to determine where to focus on improvement. The survey is anonymous unless you intentionally include identifying information. We appreciate your time and assistance with this survey.  


2022-2023 Partner Program Experience
Overall Partner Program Experience