The Access Committee is responsible for reviewing and responding to proposed changes to State disabled access regulations. Committee members also play a major role in preparing and updating CALBO’s Residential and Nonresidential Disabled Access Guidebooks and serving as disabled access instructors for CTI. For the last several years, the Access Committee’s business has been conducted primarily via teleconferences, though generally one all-day meeting is held per year in Sacramento. 

In line with CALBO’s mission statement and strategic plan, the Access Committee of CALBO aims to promote education, training, legislative involvement, and code development that strives towards improving equal access to all in the built environment.  We will commit to building long-term relationships with current and future CALBO members as well as, other stakeholder groups based on mutual trust and respect.

As code officials, the decision or path to compliance is ultimately made by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.  However, it is always helpful to have some insight or perspective on how others have stepped through similar issues and feel this approach will provide the best tool for our members.

Lastly, please visit the CALBO website and look at all of the great offerings the CALBO Training Institute (CTI) has planned for you this year.

Committee Goals

  1. Publish handout on 2019 Code Changes for Accessibility.
  2. Publish handout on Requirements for Use of CASp and Business License Funds By Local Jurisdictions.
  3. Create all inclusive form to process administrative approvals for accessibility, including disproportionate costs, unreasonable hardship, technically infeasible, historical code.