Legislative Resources


Legislative Resources

Since California is 1 of 10 states across the United States that have a full-time legislature, the political and policy environment in our great state is ever-changing.  Although a full-time legislature has its benefits in terms of serving Californians, it also has its challenges that local governments deal with on an annual basis.  Local governments have seen an increased burden in the public sector through state law due to continuous legislative mandates, deadlines, and requirements that are handed down to local building departments and their staff. 

To help better prepare our members for new legislation, CALBO is pleased to provide new resources to our membership to increase compliance with state law and understand upcoming and future requirements for local building departments.  Below are some resources that CALBO’s Legislative Team hopes will provide some guidance on these new requirements for local building departments.   From state agency resources to a timeline of upcoming statewide compliance deadlines and best practices on the ground by some of our members, we certainly hope this will be a resource to your departments.  As is always the case, please refer to your city attorneys for any legal advice as this is a free resource provided to our members. 


AB 1332 Compliance
Examples of Preapproved ADU Plans in California

Below is a list of jurisdictions that have preapproved ADU plans on their websites including a link to their program.  AB 1332 requires all local jurisdictions to have these programs established by January 1, 2025.  The law allows local jurisdictions to use other jurisdictions’ plans to comply with the law if it fits their community needs.  Please see the document below for a list of preapproved plans and to see how other jurisdictions are moving forward in complying with this new law that will take effect in 2024.


SB 379 Resources: California Energy Commission

California Energy Commission Public Workshop Recording on SB 379

The CEC hosted a webinar in December 2022 discussing Senate Bill 379, which requires specific jurisdictions to adopt an automated online permitting system for residential solar energy systems. Please see the recording here for more information: https://energy.zoom.us/rec/share/lNKkWV7SrueRKBaIf6cS4LDcDYehK9IvB34-XHhJjV0xfe8yf1XGR79YALRKgBRL.jHbgoT8AfWe0UYEx?startTime=1670522278000 


CBSC Resources

California Building Standards Commission Guide to 2024 Legislation

Below is a summary of the key legislative changes impacting building code development due to new state laws

2024 Legislative Changes

California Building Standards Commission Guide to 2023 Legislation

CBSC has released key legislative changes impacting building code development at the state level due to new laws passed by the California Legislature. 

2023 Legislative Changes