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California Building Standards Commission Guide to 2023 Legislation

CBSC has released key legislative changes impacting building code development at the state level due to new laws passed by the California Legislature. 

2023 Legislative Changes

California Building Standards Commission Guide to 2022 Legislation

The California Building Standards Commission has released a bulletin with some of the key legislative changes beginning in 2022.  Please see the link below for this information. 

2022 Legislative Changes

Exterior Elevated Elements

Governor Edmond G. Brown Jr. approved SB 465 (Hill) in response to the June 16, 2015 balcony failure that occurred in Berkeley, California. California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) formed an Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE) Subcommittee as this balcony failure resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. The purpose of this subcommittee is to review reports and other information regarding failures of this type and to possibly make regulatory or statutory recommendations to the CBSC and/or state agencies that have authority to amend the California Building Standards Code (Cal. Code Regs., Title 24).

SB 465 (Hill) 2016 Bill Text
SB 465 Elevated Exterior Elements Work Group Report

Shelter Crisis: building standards

The following emergency regulations enhance building standards in response to new legislation (AB 932, Ting. Shelter crisis: homeless shelters) in the 2016 editions of the of the California Building Code and California Residential Code (Cal. Code. Regs., Tit. 24, Parts 2 and 2.5).  The emergency building standard proposals were heard at the April 17, 2018 Commission Meeting.

AB 932 (Ting) 2017 Bill Text
Finding of Emergency
Express Terms