Capitol Corner Update


End of 2017-18 Legislative Session Update

As the current 2017-18 legislative comes to an end on August 31, legislators are eager to move their remaining measures through the legislative process. Since this is the second year of the two-year legislative session, all bills must pass out of both houses in order to be signed by the Governor – bills that fail to pass will not carry over to 2019. In these last few weeks of session, the remaining bills will be heard in fiscal committees and must receive enough votes on the Assembly and Senate Floors.


Summer Recess Update

June has been a busy time for CALBO’s Legislative Department at the State Capitol. This month is especially important as it holds important deadlines for bills that wish to make it through the second house. After bills make it through their various committees in their house of origin (The Senate for senate bills, and The Assembly for Assembly bills) they must repeat this process in the opposite house. CALBO has taken a strong position on several bills, and has actively participated in advocacy efforts with bill authors and policy committees.


CALBO at the Capitol

On Wednesday, April 18, CALBO members convened at the State Capitol to advocate and educate members of the state legislature on behalf of our organization. CALBO members met Legislators and staff not only to discuss CALBO’s top legislative priorities, but also to highlight who we are and what we do. In their meetings, members discussed the following measures that are currently moving through the Capitol.